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An unusually harsh look at the movies we see

20 Apr 2014 01:34 pm

Calgary Again


From April 24-27th William (Leo) will be in the Artist Alley for the Calgary Expo
Look for the table marked as Yak and Shadow (namesake of our brother site www.yakandshadow.com) in the Big Four building all weekend.

31 Jan 2014 06:50 pm

Things are still happening.


Jay, Phil and Leo have been taking a holiday in the depths of our collective imaginations; and that is exactly where they shall stay until further notice.

But all is not dormant in the land of Downe and Owte. William will be appearing at the Winnipeg Maker's Market Feb 7th and March 7th, the Wonderland Anime Festival March 1st-2nd, and then at the Central Canada Pop Culture Expo on April 4th to the 6th.
There he will displaying and selling some of our new works. Ben has whipped up some fun new art that will be available for purchase.

We've also been quietly working on a large project. Teasers will be appearing on this site very shortly. In the meantime you all can see pics of the Art for sale and info on this ever so secret project I've alluded to at our Facebook page:

17 Nov 2013 10:49 pm



Coming off a terribly fun appearance at C4 (Central Canada Comic Con) Downe and Owte is back in comic rotation.

Today's comic is a salute to Movember, an excuse for men to grow facial hair that doesn't involve being a pretentious hipster.

You can see a couple pics of our C4 table at https://www.facebook.com/DowneAndOwte
Soon we'll post some pics of the commissions Ben (J) polished off.

04 Sep 2013 04:53 pm

Hiatus...sort of...


As you may have noticed, Downe and Owte has not posted a new comic in a little while. We aren't on vacation nor slacking off. There is a secret project or possibly projectsssssss (that's my plural hiss) in the works. Hints shall be dropped in the very near future....in the meantime...courage...

19 Aug 2013 06:16 pm

Take it off! (not in a sexy way)


When I wear my favourite t-shirt to social events, it is inevitable that many games of "name all the characters" breaks out and my clothing becomes to test exam to see who is the nerdiest at the event.
Nerds often take great pride in their ability to identify references, and the more obscure the reference the better. But I've noticed a new trend; a disdain for those that cannot identify a "nerdy" reference but insist on adorning their clothing with it. I confess that I have felt the pangs of nerd rage to this effect, and today's comic reflects that. There have been moments where I had a very strong desire to sit down shoppers at Forever 21 and quiz them on their attire. The defensive side of me wants to scream "If you don't actually know it, down wear it!"(You're wearing lies!)
Alas, these feelings pass as I accept the fact that all my favourite things are for sale...and whoever owns the rights to them wants to make as much profit as possible. So grit your teeth and save your breath fellow nerds...and just try to wear references people couldn't possibly understand to keep you on the social fringes.

P.S. Points to those that can name the references in panel 3.

19 Aug 2013 02:25 am

Just a quick update


Hey everyone,

This is just a quick update saying I won't be on much this week. Some personal matters are taking president and as we all know, real life has to be the priority.

There's no disruption in the comics though, the whole week has been pre-loaded so all the comics will come out on time!

Later days,


15 Aug 2013 08:38 pm

Now that's a god!


I really REALLY want to enjoy Percy Jackson. I don't even know why. There's just something about the series reminds me of the whole Chronicles of Narnia which I enjoyed TREMENDOUSLY. Again, not totally sure why, but I definitely have a spot in my heart reserved for relatable fantasy. Meaning, these are fantasies I had at 6 so I relate to them now...somehow.

That aside though, I had a lot of fun drawing the Wheaties box for Zeus. I wanted to make him look sort of unsure as to why he was there, with the same level of forced emotion that all sports super stars have when they appear in public or on promotional material. That sh*t is hilarious.

This has certainly been a very busy week for me, and it's not about to slow down at all, but I can tell you for sure that there is going to be a new poster in the works (which will be posted on both my twitter, and the FB page so be sure to check those out) as well as the elusive "Big announcement" I keep hinting at. I promise for sure, this is a real thing that is coming. We just need to figure out the logistics.

Later days,


13 Aug 2013 06:02 pm

How do I say...


I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this movie yet. I was talking to my lady the other night about it, and we both are sitting at the same place. I might see it when it hits Netflix, but in all honesty? I'm not that interested.

I just personally don't think we need any more media hyping up Mr. Jobs into a messiah than we already have.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely think that he did some incredible things for his company. I'd even go so far as to say he did some great things for technology in general (for the masses I mean). But I don't know that it deserves a movie. But I felt the same thing about Mark too so I'm probably not the best judge.

I'm not opposed to more modern bio-pics. Actually quite the opposite. I have a little paparazzi in me, and I kind of hunger for that insider knowledge. But when it comes to someone who had a great deal on public display in regards to his achievements, I tend to start to lose interest. Fast.

I'd like to see Hollywood (or anyone really, I won't rule out any indie directors/screenwriters) take on someone more obscure. At least from a North American perspective. You want interesting? Tackle the Russians. Any of them really. From any time frame.

My dad made a really good point once about the Russians. "They may look like us (Caucasians), but they aren't like us. At all." And the more reading I do, the more I see how true that statement is.

Give me a solid bio-pic about Peter and not only will I be one happy camper, but you'll see some awesome modernization in action. Doesn't sound cool but trust me, it'd put Battleship so far into the shame corner they'd be in outer space!

Later days,


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